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Label with adjustable-width text block. Upon reaching the desired width are automatically taken to a new line without creating an intermediate line. Automatically reads the layers in multilayer structures of walls, floors and roofs. Can be filled with any text, it is possible to fill the name Hatch. With preloaded names, change the direction of the layers, different types of arrow head. With the background of the text and without the substrate,

 the coefficients of compression / expansion of the text.

 For the simple elements of library ID is displayed.

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                    Point of origin - is archicad object with the ability to adjust the values,
 the automatic orientation to the north of the project along a geodesic grid,
 calculated values of the reference levels,
 may only ID or Custom Text Additional text rotation hotspot.
 Appointment of units without depending on the operating environment of the project.
 It is possible to reference values from a geodesic frame.
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Fill_Maker - creates various types of fills (hatching).

 Simple, three-, and rectangular with a radial fill (one type)

 Set the required hatch and enter the name.

 The new hatch will be automatically created in Attributes of the project.

 The item was written as a pilot.

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2D archicad object channels smoke ventilation to control for the Hotspots.

 Lets you customize the hatches, the output of the text (channel assignment),

 displaying a connection or not..

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A variation of the object 3D Text for library archicad, thoughis located in 2D gdl objects. Inclinable at the radius. Selects the font, font style,

 adjustable radius and angle of inclination of the total thickness of the letters.

 Then the slope of the text as a whole. Appointed by the material.


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