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 Library elements can convert for any version of ArchiCAD.

     But, theoretically, may not be the correct execution of commands, because the language of GDL developing, with each new version appear new commands which in previous versions of ArchiCAD will not work. Newer (compared to the version in which the item was created) just can not correctly perform the old code element.

  All items were edited in version 16, and checked up to 19. It possible to convert in the opposite direction (from 16 to v.12_14). But even if the standard element is no different- (eg picture font style) will be another name - that will have problems with the correct mapping. I purposely did not put standard macros, to avoid duplication of library elements.

 Please specify for which version of ArchiCAD you need the item.

Standard exists in version -16. Some elements were created in ArchiCAD 7_8_9. But I do continually modified them. Up to 12 versions of the big problems should not be, So in the original form of code (script) for earlier versions of elements does not exist, i can only convert and test.

 Certainly possible and edit the code, but ....