I am an architect, interested in GDL for more than 10 years,

I created my first GDL elements in ArchiCAD 6.

I create GDL elements in need for my work in ArchiCAD.

In the process of work with GDL I improved lots of standard Graphisoft library elements.

     The presented library elements - a byproduct of my main activity as an architect. I do not create this product specifically for sale. But you can buy them through the payment system Skrill (Moneybookers) or PayPal.


I’d like to thank GDL pioneers: Braza, Bruno Somaschini, Frank Beister, James Murray, Joachim Suhlo, Roberto Corona for their outstanding works and for making GDL improve and evolve. 

       Special gratitude to Olivier Dentan. 

And also to russian GDL community: - A_Ani, Allak, Be_Art, GAG, Mike_B, UFO, Valery W

Contact me

If you need to create or modify GDL element, or have any questions,

feel free to contact me using the form on the previous page (Contact _ us).

All library elements for ArchiCAD posted on the site are available in Russian (and not only these).