Luminaire with wall and ceiling layout.

 Coupled symmetric case type double and single.

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Profiles of metal, for gdl library - frame drywall partitions and suspended ceilings.

The cross section profiles a different, possibly used in the inclined parts of the walls.

In the schematic cross-section, without unnecessary detail, the main purpose for

calculating the length of the metal constructions in an interactive table or list.

Marking - 2D object is used to display two types of apartment

 (housing and auxiliary auto-summing the total area).

For projects of reconstruction when unification may indicate

 two numbers of apartments merged

2D element. It is used in  drawings for the simbol,

new openiing for doors-windows (re-punched) and removed openigs.

Wall lamp Staff

All items on this page are available for free download

and its capabilities functionality of course

 differ from library elements for ArchiCAD placed on the previous pages.

All elements are created on a platform of Win for AC-14 and converted to 12