Various Lights



Fluorescent lighting with adjustable step of light rays,

 because there is no Arhicad fluorescent light only a point.

 You can simulate the light-emitting diodes (led) by selecting the appropriate type.

 Like most of my objects form Archicad, can be rotated to any angle.

 In addition to the rotation direction of Hotspots is the luminous flux.

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OLIGO lamp with mounting to the ceiling on the marine theme - Poseidon.

 Regulated by the overall depth and height of the additional illumination.

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Another fixture with ceiling mount, the same type - Ecolino.

Fixed Width, length variable, other parameters are similar to the previous lamp.

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Lamp Bizi, wall mount - companies OLIGO

Is this page luminaires for interior design.

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Another wall lamp of the same company.

Luminaires have been developed on catalogs the company OLIGO.

 Some types were not translated into English, so on this page are not presented.

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